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A Few Words About Us

Meet the Team!

SEO Royals is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency with over ten years of experience in creating dynamic, custom strategies for its partners. Founded in 2007, SEO Royals merges the benefits of a small, flexible team with the expert knowledge of seasoned experts.

Our Commitment

We’re focused on forging win-win relationships founded on trust and transparency. Our team works hard to create positive, mutually beneficial experiences for all of our partners.

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Our Guarantee

A guarantee on satisfaction is hard to come by in this industry. Our main goal is to deliver ROI to our partners and that is why we will work for free if our goal is not achieved until we get you results. We are a professional company and our reputation matters to us. SEO Royals focus is on results, We track the right performance metrics and optimize our digital marketing strategies to put you ahead of the competition.

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Our Team


Dwayne Leroy

Constantly building and creating new things, Dwayne’s secret sauce is to continuously learn and test new tactics.


Jessica Kelley

An amazing asset, Jessica has been with us from the inception days. She manages our content team.


Melissa Kammer

From start, to finish, Melissa delivers business objectives and ROI while giving direction to 3 others team members.


Paul Spencer

Paul is one of our most reliable members in the field of local search. His campaigns almost always come out on top.

A partnership with the top SEO Agency in Canada will bring you that visibility you’ve been lacking.
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Discover opportunities that will grow your business.

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Target, attract & convert valuable website visitors.

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Position your brand to drive online engagements.

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Optimize for conversions to increase online sales.