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Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Edmonton


SEO Royals is a full service Search Engine Optimization agency. We are experts in transforming an ordinary website into an extraordinary money site. We provide high-quality, affordable SEO solutions to assist our clients in increasing their website’s online presence and visibility; thereby gaining significant web traffic and revenue.


We are Passionate

We are a passionate digital agency who loves to build winning SEO campaigns. Our goal is to help small and medium size businesses to gain more exposure online thus increasing your sales.

Awesome Support

At SEO Royals we make it a rule to provide all our clients with the highest quality of customer service. A prompt response by an expert on our team will help you solve any concerns you may have.


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Highly Qualified Traffic

We will drive highly qualified traffic to your business that is seeking the products or services you are offering using tested SEO strategies and tactics.

Most Efficient Channel

SEO is by the far the most efficient channel from a cost per acquisition perspective, we can cover most if not all relevant keywords.

Great Long Term Value

With Growing your website’s authority, we will create long-term value giving you a competitive advantage for the brand online.

Our Services

In Depth Complete Technical Audits

SEO Royals experts will perform a comprehensive technical analysis of your website and its performance on search engine results. We will fix any problems that prevent spiders from crawling your website correctly. While certain factors such as code to text ratio/website speed will often be overlooked by the majority of digital marketing companies, no minute detail will escape our attention.

Social Media Optimization & Growth

Social media has skyrocketed into the online marketing scene and is becoming increasingly influential when it comes to website and search engine capability. Opening an account on a social media site takes seconds; however figuring out exactly what to do with it takes considerably longer.

At SEO Royals we integrate your website with all social signals Google takes into account, manage and optimize them for your business to achieve maximal results.

Content Writing, Design & Publishing

Content is truly the heart of any website. Your content represents the voice of your brand. If your content is full of grammatical errors and has a sloppy style, it is highly unlikely that your clients will take you seriously. Nothing is worse than giving the impression that you do not pay attention to detail and have not taken the trouble to read your own content! SEO Royals writers will find the perfect voice for you.

When we write content, we write clearly to communicate a message that will benefit visitors. We leave SEO at the editing stage when we stand back and look for opportunities to use our keywords in a natural way.

Google Maps and Local Optimization

Consumers today are using search engines to find local small businesses. If your website does not appear in a local search result, this means you are missing out on potential clients and customers. Do not fall for the used car salesman pitch about optimizing for “local SEO”.  At SEO Royals, local and national SEO promotions are included in one package. In our opinion, local and general SEO goes hand in hand and charging separately for these services seems a little greedy and unprofessional.

Custom Analytics Setup & Reporting - Analyzing Success

Search engine ranking for a website is a continuous effort as it can vary from one week to another. Changes in ranking can be caused by competition, modifications to search algorithms and changes to your website. In order to maintain your top ranking, we constantly monitor and make necessary changes to your website. Through monitoring, we show you how successful your SEO efforts are and how measuring the success of our SEO campaigns is essential to keeping you on the right track.

White Hat Link Outreach

Inbound links are an important part of search engine ranking and optimization and are capable of generating great traffic. Bad link building is the number one reason for Google penalties, however you cannot rank a website without links. Most SEO agencies perform shady practices to obtain backlinks to your website. We do not engage in such behavior as it goes against our work ethic. We have a built-in proprietary process to create inbound links from authoritative websites with high-traffic.

Focused On Driving A Return On Investment

Our team of experts and veteran marketers will do whatever it takes to help your business generate more revenue. If you are a small and/or medium sized business, we can help you gain more exposure online and increase your revenue in sales and customer interaction. Our web designs and SEO strategies deliver serious and impressive performance by bringing our clients more traffic and therefore more money and profitability.

Our Exceptional Work Ethic

Unfortunately there are bad apples in every business. Some discredited agencies use the lure of big promises that involve shady and questionable (if not dangerous) SEO practices. These less reputable agencies find loopholes to manipulate the rules that search engines follow. There are some practices banned by search engines such as buying links in bulk from link farms or using keyword stuffing. Although such methods may work for a short time – perhaps enough even to deliver on certain promises – you will end up wasting your money, or, even worse, having your site banned from Google.